WOD: 8-28-12

Skill:  Muscle Up

WOD:  For total time:  Tabata style:

50 Cal Row
50 Double Unders
50 Wall Balls
50 Push Ups


Welcome to the future…

If you didn’t set foot in the gym, you may have missed the two 55” televisions grafted to what used to be the white board.  Reebok CrossFit Back Bay will now be using a system called WODIFY.  WODIFY serves the same purpose as Beyond the Whiteboard, but in a much more streamline process and due to a greater convenience, we will be using WODIFY in its stead.

Q)  But what about me!?  I just learned to use BTWB!

A)  intro.wodify.com

Q)  But what about me!?!?  I just learned how to use a computer, but somehow I am also a wizard with my intelligent phone!

A)  mobile.wodify.com

Q)  But what about me!?!?!?  Now I have to keep BTWB, WODIFY, and I also have a food journal!

A)  BTWB will be going away by the end of this week.  Posts will stop showing up there and start showing up in WODIFY.  Also, journal.wodify.com

There is a decent amount of cool content and plenty more coming in the future, at least for those who post the workouts.  Either way, this is a much better and straightforward manner to display, keep, and track results and will ensure that we are on the right track.  Click on this link to see a good scaled muscle up kip.  This should help a bit.

Only 364 days left (last one I swear!),




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